Web-site Maintenance

It’s no secret that both visitors and search engines prefer to visit updated websites where content is added on regular basis. Websites needs regular maintenance like the updating of content and graphics, keeping the web site current to showcase the latest products and services that your business offers, communicating changes in your company, and adding the latest features currently used by web sites like e-commerce, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), addition of new technology and so on.

No matter the type of business, you always need ongoing web site maintenance to make sure that you are getting the highest return on website investment.

You have the website, but no time or know-how to update it whenever you need? No problem. Satakshi's Website Maintenance will give you access to our top web developers who can complete your website updates for you

What We Consider to Be “Maintenance” Work ?

  • Verifying and updating the links to avoid any broken links in the website.
  • Site verification is necessary for proper running of the site and its back up.
  • We make minor changes related to word, sentence and corrections.
  • Checking the rank among search engines and making minor SEO adjustments.
  • To add, change and delete email addresses.
  • We answer short and easy questions of clients about the site, search engines, browsers and in bringing corrections in the broken scripts.
  • Look into the status.
  • We maintain matters related to security which includes scripts, databases, image, bandwidth theft, etc.
  • Modification and Addition of Website Content.
  • Image Manipulation and Addition (client supplied images).
  • Adding/removing pages.

Why To Keep your website updated with us ?

  • Do you want a highly customized, user-friendly and professional-looking website ?
  • Want to save time and money and focus more on the most important aspects of your business ?
  • Are you too busy to manage and maintain your website ?
  • Want to get priority service for all your tasks!
  • Faster turnaround times for completing website updates.
  • Free you up to work on money-generating business activities.

You need ongoing support for your Word Press, Asp.net or HTML-based website or some other website and we offer just our hourly rate (No Maintainence Package) to assist you with any changes – big or small, whenever they arise.

How our Maintainence Program Works ?

  • One Can pre-purchased blocks of hours, wherein the more hours you buy, the more of a discounted rate it is.
  • When you have an update, send us the details and we’ll schedule it immediately and give you guaranteed time for completion.
  • We track our time by the minute under your block of hours, so will never charge you “an hour’s time” for what was only a 15 minute update.
  • You can request updates at any time.
  • We keep a detailed log of all updates and accounting for time spent which we can provide to you whenever you like.
  • We quickly become familiar with your website and how it works, making ongoing updates more efficient (saves you money).